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     ELECTROTECHNIKI S.A. was founded in 1987 in Kozani. The company gained its experience in all Electricity Generation Stations, where the new technology, the high technical specifications and the complexity of the facilities require a very high degree of organization. Its advantages include millions of man-hours in large projects such as:​

  • Thermal Power Stations

  • Hydroelectric Stations

  • Combined Cycle Units

  • Industries

  • Port Cranes

  • Wind and Photovoltaic Parks

  • Construction of lignite mining and transportation machines


1987: Establishment of ELECTROTECHNIKI S.A..

1988: Undertaking of first project: Commissioning and Start-up of six conveyor belts in Kardia coal mine in the county of Kozani.

1990: Completion of the first project outside the county of Kozani: Automation of the Styrofoam and Pelaspan Units in Chemical Factory DOW, in Athens.

1992: Completion of the first large-scale project: Complete electrical installation of new electrostatic precipitators in Unit IV of Ptolemais Steam Power Plant.

1997: Conversion of the company to “Societe Anonyme”.

1998: Complete electrical installation of the first Combined Cycle Unit in Lavrio, Attica.

2002: Complete electrical installation of first Steam Power Plant in Meliti, Florina.

2004: Completion of projects for Olympic Games: Olympic Press Center (MPC) in Marousi, Agios Kosmas facilities, House of Volleyball in Paiania, backing of all venues.

2009: Completion of first large-scale project in roadway: Tunnels between Kamena Vourla and Agios Konstantinos.

2010: Completion of the first project of Commissioning and Start-up of an entire Combined Cycle Unit 435 MW (Heron II).

2013: Completion of first large-scale instrumentation project for Hellenic Petroleum in Eleusis, Attica.

2014: Completion of first large-scale project outside Greece: Electrical installation of Combined Cycle Unit 811 MW in Brazi, Romania.

2016: Electrical works in Library Building in Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens.       

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